Tuesday, January 18, 2011

This and That

Time to catch up on various and sundry! Our second fruity Friday was well received, but we cheated a little. We had Lychees, an Asian delicacy that has been enjoyed by some family members for more than 20 years. Oddly, they are difficult to find in this area, but I was able to locate them at Mega, of all places. Mega West to be exact. They come in a can and taste a little bit like Mandarin oranges. All you need to do to serve them is open the can, dump in a bowl, and add a handful of ice cubes to get them nice and cold. BW was picking them right out of the serving bowl. Probably should work on that.

Meatless Mondays might be a little tricky. The Indian refried beans were fantastic! A better side dish, perhaps, but quite tasty. The Garam Masala was a breeze to mix up. This is a blend of spices that adds a savory zip to lots of things, including, I'm told, sweet potatoes. Yesterday was lazy day so we had our noodles, tuna, and super-discounted Aldi lemon caper sauce dish. Man, I wish I could think of a cheap alternative to noodles!

The kids continue to muddle along and we are all beginning to feel a bit cabin feverish. However, ice fishing contests are coming up quickly and so is a trip to the northwoods for a certain someone's 30th birthday.

No job here yet, but I am thankful for the many thoughts, prayers, and job referrals that I have been blessed with. My mom won the beer pool though -- after three years, she has finally been hired on as a regular employee at the school. Yay! So let's just put it this way: if you have a job, or you don't have a job, but you have enough money to make ends meet, be very, VERY grateful. It could be soooo much worse!

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