Friday, December 31, 2010

Birthday Boy!

So here is our recent birthday boy, before --in March, 2003, and after, on his 8th birthday. Goodness! Time sure flies. The kid is still mommy's boy, but he's expanding his activities. As you can see, he loves to pretend to be a soldier. He also likes to dress up as a knight and a cop. Computer games are fun, too, and sometimes he takes time to play with the remote control vehicle he got for his birthday. Which also happens to scare the bejabbers out of the poor dog. This year's menu for him included meatballs and spaghetti; chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, chocolate shavings and green chocolate sprinkles; and finally, chocolate malt ice cream. That's a lotta chocolate! Each boy gets to choose his menu for dinner on his big day. They could choose fancy decorated cakes, also, but I think I've made four chocolate cakes in a row this year! (papa counts, too!) Everyone likes something a little different though, so we break it up a bit. BW would like to thank his grandmas and Auntie Jana & Uncle Bill for their kind wishes and gifts. Grandpa Wilder treated us to a day at the waterpark, and with all that excitement, BW said it was "one of my funnest days EVER".

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A word about the mascot

The little dude you see hanging out there in Bracketthenge is named Sig. Yeah, he's named after Capt. Sig on Deadliest Catch. I have this thing about gnomes -- I can't explain it but I'm hooked. Sig was my first gnome. He was found at Goodwill. Not long after coming to live with us, the top of his hat was knocked off by one of those ruffians who live in the house. Can't even remember who now. Anyway, the other gnomes: Oddin, Thor, and the other guy whose name I can't remember might move around the yard, but Sig always hangs out at Bracketthenge. He's the welcome wagon. Bracketthenge itself was created five years ago after we tore out the nasty back steps. They sure did build things in a real interesting way back in the 1950s. Their construction became our yard art. And boy, do we have some yard art!

Remember, as BW says: you'll never roll a gnome!

Day One

Here we are on day one. I got really tired of paying for a whole Web site that I rarely used. I hope this will work better, but I surely can't promise that I'll update it more often. But you never know!