Monday, January 10, 2011


So Friday was "fruity Friday" at our house. I like the idea of trying a new fruit (or vegetable) every week. This week was mango week. Yeah, get the Chris Kattan images out yer head. (as if you could!) It was a close battle between mango and papaya, but I couldn't distinguish which of the three unlabelled papaya varieties was the cheap one, so mango won.

It's kinda no fair, since I once made a mango salsa that only the old man and I ate. We knew what it tasted like. For this episode, we served it up plain. Every boy dutifully ate of the fruit in the bowl. It was a lukewarm reception at best. Then the old man informed the youngest child that it wasn't quite ripe yet. Oops.

Onward and upward -- today is meatless Monday. Shhh! Don't tell the kids! Thing One goes ape when he learns that entree of the day has no meat in it. But I found this recipe in this awesome cookbook that my dear mother in law gave me just yesterday . . . so I'm off to mix up some garam masala to use in the recipe featuring red lentils. Stay toasty, everyone!

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